Lourdes Canovas


Lourdes Cánovas

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Trauma Specialist and EMDR Therapist
Qualified State Supervisor

Lourdes Cánovas is a licensed mental health counselor with more than 15 years of experience. Lourdes has extensive experience working with adults, adolescents, and children with a focus on anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. She specializes in Trauma and Mood Disorders and has treated many individuals with Depressive and Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Adjustment Disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder. 

She worked at Central Florida Behavioral Hospital’s Mood Disorders Adult unit and at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital at the Orlando Health Howard Phillips Center. She has been committed to helping children who have been exposed to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and she is promoting and emphasizing the importance of maternal health for the wellbeing of the family.

She has advanced training in EMDR, Trauma- focused cognitive behavioral therapy and Alternatives for Families. She is experienced in the integration of EMDR, Internal Family systems therapy and play therapy. 

She provides, individual, couples, family and group counseling and is fluent in Spanish and English.  Lourdes provides a safe, supportive therapeutic environment, where her clients can openly discuss concerns and increase self-awareness becoming empowered and gaining insight while learning and implementing new coping skills. Her eclectic therapeutic approach is collaborative, integrative, insight- oriented and holistic. Lourdes is passionate about helping individuals live a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life, helping them navigate their emotions throughout challenging life events. Her mission is to help individuals from all age groups embark in a transformative journey by accessing their protective and wounded inner parts. She helps her clients create inner and outer connectedness by helping them first discover and access their true core self, to then understand, harmonize and heal their parts. This self-awareness and internal networks lead to a path of better understanding the dynamics in their personal, family, social and intimate relationships and stepping into life with more clarity, self- compassion, self-confidence, calm, courage, and connection with their internal and external environment. She is passionate about helping individuals and families become experts of their own healing and breaking free from any trauma barriers preventing them to live a fulfilling life abundant in self-love, purpose, and wellness. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and American Counseling Association (ACA). She is a qualified Supervisor and has done extensive studies in psychology and counseling. She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Fun Facts

Lourdes lives in Dr. Phillips, Florida.  She enjoys family time, outdoors, water activities and hiking.  She enjoys being in contact with nature and kayaking with her husband, son, and Schnauzer dog.  She loves photography, traveling, and exploring different cultures.

“I am passionate about helping individuals and families become experts of their own healing by breaking free from any trauma barriers preventing them to live a fulfilled life abundant in self-love, purpose, and wellness.”

    My Specialties

    Communication Issues / Conflicts in Relationships, Divorce / End of Relationship, Young Adults / Young Couples in the 20s, Blended Families, Multicultural / Intercultural Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Women’s Mental Health, Religious Trauma, Anger Management, ADHD, Trauma, Supervision & Consultation, College Students, Bipolar Disorder, Managing Overwhelming Emotions, Self-Esteem & Personal Empowerment, Work-Life Balance, Family Relationships, Parenting Teens, Post-Partum & Maternal Health, Coaching, Panic Attacks

    Therapeutic Modalities

    Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Play Therapy, Coaching

    Client Age

    Children : 3 years of age and up
    Adolescents: 12 – 17 years of age
    Adults: 18 years of age and up

    Client Population

    Adults, Couples, Families


    English, Spanish


    Licensed Mental Health Counselor #MH13672
    Florida Qualified State Supervisor

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