Individual Therapy

comprehensive therapeutic services for individuals 

Our highly skilled team shares the common goal of promoting mental and emotional health to help individuals thrive in their communities.

What is individual counseling or therapy?

Individual counseling or therapy is a process of self-exploration and understanding, where you and your therapist will work together so that you can grow during challenging times in your life. You will experience a safe environment in which you can better understand and evaluate various parts of your life and learn how to build new and healthier relationships.

Aspen Counseling Orlando provides comprehensive therapeutic services for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, addictions, stress, grief and other life issues

How talking can help me?

Talking helps you cope with feelings, problem solve and change behavior patterns that may contribute to your symptoms.

In the process of recovery and growth, communication is very important in order to heal and move on from a trauma or a difficult experience in your life. The process of talking will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, others, and situations you’ve experienced.


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